She looked beautiful from back too ….

Monday, November 07, 2011

I saw her first at Jaisalmer govt. bus stand. Waiting hopelessly as there were no certain bus to Jodhpur just after Diwali morning. We also reached there as we had to travel Jodhpur as per our planned schedule… But instead of gathering info on bus timing I was constantly watching her. She was talking over phone. I watched her carefully. Bit childish and confused!!!
The person at the inquiry counter told me, “11 baje bus to hai … abhi tak kuch khabar nahi. Par aayegi jaroor”. It was 11.25 am then. For couple of minutes I again looked upon her. Finally she stared at me with her confusing eyes. This time there were lots of questions on her mind. But she failed to ask anything and continued her chatting over phone. 

Again I turned toward the counter. This time little bit louder, “Kaka, Waise kitna baje bus aa sakti hai?”
Without any hesitation that old man replied, “2 baje toh jaroor aa jayegi”

There were couples of old men sitting over there who were giving us lot of wise information. Like we can catch train at 6 pm. I ignored them and put my bag & tripod near that girl. Again gave a nasty look. She wanted to tell something. Again I ignored, found out one firingi who was also waiting for a bus. I started talking with him.
Now one army man (he was from Bihar & going to bhuj, later he told me) was there in the counter. And that old chap just repeated the same. The army man was in hurry. I talked with him & he gave me the proposal of hiring one cab to Jodhpur. Now we were searching for other passengers who can also join with us.
Then I turned to her & asked, “Are you going to Jodhpur?”
She replied, “Yeah. I need to catch train from Jodhpur. But I don’t know whether I’ll get any bus.”
We are going to hire one cab. Are you joining with us, I asked.
“How much I need to pay then?” A pretty obvious question. Now she was more confused. I was enjoying that. She was really beautiful. She was busy handling her hair though she failed to handle it. For fraction of sec. I was lost somewhere looking on her eyes.
“How much time it’ll take?” She asked again. This time I got my senses back. Even I also didn’t know about cab fare.
Those old men helped us, it was roughly 300 km. Then I replied, “700 bucks max. As we are 5 people (me with my colleague, firing, army man & the girl) traveling”. 
That army man along with my colleague went for hiring the cab.

Then we had some conversation between us. Now I couldn’t remember actually on which topic we were talking. I was just watching her. Anyway, after 15 min they came back with one car. I offered her the front sit. She sat beside the driver. Our journey began towards Jodhpur.

The driver told us he’ll hardly take 4 hrs. I was sitting behind her. This time I understood she isn’t feeling easy with us. She was hesitating for a conversation as we 3 (firing cancelled her journey on the last moment) were sitting behind. She became confused again. Sometimes she was looking through the mirror, sometimes through the window, sometimes sitting idle looking at the front.

We were going Jodhpur from Jaisalmer. The highway was in the desert circuit. You can’t pass your time by watching people around. After couple of minutes my colleague & army man slept. Even I was also feeling bore. No music system was there in the car.

I started taking snaps with my DSLR. There were beautiful landscapes of dunes. She was also taking snaps with her point shot. Suddenly I discovered her beauty from back. She was enjoying breezes passing through her hair. She wasn’t even trying to care anything. She became more childish.
I tried to capture her every movements and all those shadows & lights coming through her hair. I’ve never ever seen this kind of beauty in my life …
“Are you taking my picture?” She asked me. She might have seen me busy taking snaps on front mirror.
“Yup, have a look on these snaps”. I told and gave my camera on her hand.
She leaned over my camera for couple of minutes, then turned back with her drowse eyes, gave my DSLR back & replied with a very low voice, “Thanks”


The naked truth of Life !!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life!!! What is it actually? It’s a simple four letter word. But is there anyone who has faced it? Did anyone understand the meaning of life, I should say, “The naked truth of life”.
For the couple of days I was searching the naked truth about life. I didn’t have any ideas. Just before couple of hours I was roaming around in the garden. Suddenly I remembered about one boy whom I have seen one week before. Tonight ‘m gonna tell his story. I don’t know the end of the story. But I can guess what’s going to happen in his life. That’s what we call it “LIFE”
I have seen him on 1st October’ 2010 working at vendor end. I forgot his name. Let give him a name, “RUPAK”.
At that day I had to visit some vendors for some work. I had to calculate the actual burning wire consumption per battery. I was randomly collecting those data. Suddenly I found out one boy doing welding in one boxing table. He was in his teen. I went to him. He was working with more than 100% work efficiency. I was watching him only. After collecting some data I started talking with him. And I was shocked. Now I’m telling his story.
Rupak is the best worker of that vendor. He can produce almost 400 batteries in 8 hrs. He is having excellent working speed with accuracy. He is working daily for 16 hrs. Only for 10,000 bucks per month. Rupak is 18 yr old only. He is having one elder brother and one sister. They don’t have any farm-land. His father is working on some other’s farm. Rupak left his studies and working for 16 hrs daily in Haryana so that their family can eat something. Rupak’s sister is studying in 8th standard and his elder brother is doing his B.Arts (2nd year). Rupak is the only earning member of his family. That kid is working for his family by poisoning himself on daily basis. He proudly told me, “Sir, last month daily 8 hrs. Overtime kiya tha. 11,000 mila tha. Aur 10,000 pura ghar bhej diya”.  I have seen a grin on his face at that time. I wish he could smile always.
Rupak doesn’t know what work he is doing actually. He is consuming lead on daily basis. I scolded him for not using nose-mask during welding. I told him to have milk and bananas daily. It’ll help to reduce lead amount in his blood. But I was feeling bad for him.
He doesn’t know what’ll happen in future. He can’t work longer. He won’t get any success. Today he is doing overtime for his elder brother. And that bugger would surely get success in his life. But would he remember his lil brother at that time? I have doubt. He won’t remember Rupak at that time. I wish I’m wrong.
            This is the naked truth of life….  Don’t do anything for your beloved one, they would forget you”

Twitter vs Blog

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Don know exactly when this Twitter & Blog became a part of my life … I have some bad habits earlier to scribble anywhere. At my childhood days, my diary was my friend. I have shared everything with my diary then. Now we are grown up. But sometimes I think, whether we’r properly grown up. Do we really know what we need in our life most?
Anyway this post is about Twitter & Blogger. You can pen down everything in your diary. Then why Twitter & Blogger? Coz you want to make it public. But u won’t make it public fully. U’ll either hide something or u’ll scribble as a third person. And ur follower’ll get confused. That’s what u want na? Basically u’ll write it for particular one person. U want their attraction, basically u want lot of comments in ur Twitt & Blog. My friends, this is our inborn characteristics. U always want to get praised by someone. That’s why Twitter & Blogger are making money frndz. It’s all about our sentiment … Use our sentiments if u want to make money … Anyway I’m going away from the topic … ‘m forgetting about Twitter & Blogger …

Well, Blog came first. We used to write blog from our classroom itself. Then after a couple of years Twitter came into limelight. Initially we have published almost everything in blog. But when twitter came into focus, then we got to know what is blog actually … There are some limitations in twitter. Limitations in words, then u can’t post snaps or videos. Still it’s popular. we want to get other’s updates within a short time. We don have any time to read blog. Just 1 line status update of others is enough for us. And u always want to get info of others. That’s what we are. Twitter is playing that role very well. U can directly get updates of celebrities. Still blogger is much better, more enjoyable. U can show ur passion on blog. U can scribble almost everything in blog. U need some mental preparation before publish a blog. U take lot of times for writing a blog (sometimes after getting drunk, andar ke khuzli bahar nikal aata hai). U can tweet almost anytime. It doesn’t require any mental preparation. When u want to share something, u r doing that. U don think about that much. Now just imagine, after boozing u r sitting in balcony with your laptop. U’ve one more beer can in ur hand. One sip of beer, and then couple of lines in blog … again u’ll have one more chilled can when u’ll review the crap which u’ve just published. Amazing huh ???

Twitter is just like a smooch (As u kiss ur girlfriend suddenly). But blog is just like – Confession of everything lying under her arm. When u’ll get her full attention. U can love her for a long time, u can share everything with ur better half. Blog can give u that pleasure ….  But it’s not only pleasure … U’ll get both pain and pleasure when u’ll publish the blog.

It's Twitter this time

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This is going to become the shortest one in my blog ... Before i go to sleep, just a big thanks to Twitter.. i've almost forgotten her.. Don knw how is she now, i don have her nos., mail ids ..... & not even in orkut ... 

But she is in Twitter ... it's nice to see her thr.. i can sleep now .....

Sambit ... 2.58 a.m, Rewari.

About to leave her child

Saturday, August 09, 2008

My mom and lil bro. It's brother's first day in hostel. He is going to start his hostel life. His first step to outside. Look at them. Both are crying.

Black But White

This picture has been taken at evening, with my N73. However there was very low light. So I had to flash here. Anyway i don't know the name of this flower. But it's Beautiful.

Just after the Sunset !!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kalna Mahismardini Ghat - taken with N73
It's a reflection. Reflection of your mind. Have some fresh air just after the sunset. Standing beside the river Ganges take a deep breath. You can feel the eternal sunshine of your mind. Throw everything out from your mind, close your eyes, stretch your hand and a long inhalation. Then slowly exhale it... It's not a meditation. It's a reflection of your spotless mind.

Journey in a local train

Journey in a local train, originally uploaded by zxing.
Sun 29/06/2008 9:18 a.m.
Journey in a local train isn't enjoyable. Bahut bhir hai, express main phir bhi aram se baith sakte hai.and we can sleep too. But why in local train? Well, local train journey isn't comfortable. Specially in monsoon season. But if you want to read people then local train is your best option. You can judge people there. You can modify your concepts of human characteristics. You can find everyone sleeping there. If you want to know about them read their face. Atleast you can know about their economic condition. Those who aren't sleeping look at them also. You can find there habits too. Look these are general people. And someday somehow you have to manage them. Better know them before. Aur nahi to time pass bhi kar sakte ho. Accha time pass hoga. But don't blame me if you are bitten by those people. Atleast beware of girls.

Keep off the Green !!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Keep off the Green !!!, originally uploaded by zxing.

Sun 06/07/2008 09:32 06072008969 Traitor. We are really traitor. Only because of them we are not dead. Still we aren't looking at them. People are selfish. Well, being selfish just look at your old friend. Don't forget you need them. You need fresh oxygen. Keep off the Green !!!

Thinking about pollution???

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thinking about pollution???, originally uploaded by zxing.

Sun 29/06/2008 09:17-Ganges over kuntighat

Well pollution is everywhere. Can you find any single pollution free place. Everything is polluted now. Whether it is air, water, noise or whatever it is. It's everywhere. And foods are being polluted by different chemicals. well, on 29th of june i have found out this. I am travelling in a train. When the train was running over the river Ganges somewhere near kuntighat station, i found this man's view. Just look at this stranger. He needs your help. Just look at the pollution over there. River Ganges is polluted now. That's what the stranger wanted to say. Come on. Let make one pollution free zone.